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J5 Systems is a small business DoD firm with emphasis in software development and systems engineering for C4I systems. We have highly experienced engineers who are known throughout the Department of the Navy with extensive operational and engineering development experience in Command and Control Systems as well as intelligence systems. We have worked with NAVAIR, SPAWAR, DARPA, DISA, ONI, and various operational commands: COMPACFLT, COMPAC, COMSEVENTHFLT and others. J5 Systems consists of a group of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative applications of science and technology. We have an uncompromising commitment to providing customers with quality technical products and services, while meeting the highest moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs. Our J5 Systems philosophy considers quality performance an integral component of any organizational structure in meeting customer requirements.

Founded in 2004, J5 Systems has employees and consultants who provide software design & development, systems engineering, hardware and software integration, and interoperability testing services to the Department of Defense and various agencies.

We are a supplier of computer-based information technologies, which include: software development, systems design, hardware and software integration and computer systems engineering. Our technical expertise includes: research and development (R&D), requirements definition, system design, software development, prototype development, engineering management and documentation, interoperability verification and validation, and installation support. We have extensive operational experience in C4ISR systems used for military operations and expertise in multi-level security (MLS) databases and operating systems.


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