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Team J5 provides our customers with a wide and varied implementation and integration of information technology equipment and related computers, software, communication systems, and more. We provide secure networking capabilities to the Department of the Navy as well as commercial customers. We are an integrator of commercial hardware and software to meet our customers specialized requirements to ensure quality and performance.

We have extensive operational experience in C4ISR systems used for military operations and expertise in multi-level security (MLS) databases and operating Systems.

Research & Developement (R&D) Areas:

  • Model Driven Architectures
  • Optimization of Distributed Systems
  • Cross Domain Solutions
  • Software Synthesis
  • Simulation
  • Bioinformatics

J5 Expertise:

  • C4ISR Systems
  • Multi-Level Security (MLS) System

Technical Expertise:

  • Systems Design, Software Development
  • Prototype Developement, Management and Documentation
  • Interoperability Verification and Validation
  • Installation support

Our staff appreciates the challenges of developing systems that have difficult and complex solutions. We have developed complicated software and systems for DARPA, ONR, SPAWAR, NAVAIR, ONI, and other organizations and agencies.



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